ABC Refinery ATO

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ABC Refinery ATO set of four stacked gold bars

ABC Refinery ATO

Welcome to ABC Refinery ATO. This website will serve as a place to discover the latest advancements in technology and how they are helping to enhance gold and silver production. ABC Refinery ATO understands that the raw materials dug deep from under the earth’s surface requires careful production to maximize their value. ABC Refinery ATO has an annual refining capacity of more than 100 tonnes.

The quality of work by ABC Refinery ATO makes all the difference. This quality is why those looking to increase their net worth can take advantage of a prime investment opportunity through ABC Refinery. The history of silver and gold shows that the market conditions often yield strong results with some sense of security. Many use the company to deliver sound long term returns for investors while simultaneously hedging against inflation.

ABC has valued partners including government entities and leading financial institutions who play an essential role in gold refining, production and exchanges, as the finished product makes its way to the market.

Many are interested in how ABC Refinery ATO goes about processing, smelting and refining gold and other precious metals. There is no shortage of processes to get the job done right, but it all starts with ABC Refinery ATO gathering the raw materials. The most popular method of processing then comes in the form of cyanidation. To put it in non-scientific terms, cyanidation puts gold and other materials in a chemical solution, which helps separate gold from all foreign materials.  Obviously, ABC Refinery accomplishes this task in large quantities, so the company utilizes large tanks to conduct the cyanidation process.

Gold refining is the next most popular methodology utilized by the company. Gold refining techniques include the aqua regis process, fizzer cell, Wohlwill process, Miller process, cupellation and more. The most popular method used is the Miller method, but it’s not the most popular method for ABC Refinery ATO. The Miller process may be the easiest to utilize but it produces gold around a 99.5 percent purity. It’s the goal of ABC Refinery ATO to produce a gold purity at 99.9999 percent.  In order to achieve the desired purity, the Wohlwill method utilizes electricity. An electric current is used to separate impurities from gold.

Once the gold is purified, it’s going to be extremely soft. The softness makes the gold tough to work with. Because of this, gold is usually combined with other metals to form an alloy. Next time you see rose gold, for example, keep in mind that you are looking at gold combined with copper. The more copper in the mix, the redder the gold will be. ABC can make this happen or they can simply form the gold into solid bars, which makes it easier to sell.

Future blog posts will dive into the history of gold and silver investment and then look at the future. Gold and Silver are two of the most sought-after investment commodities as it is always in extremely high demand. The ABC Refinery blog offers an array of topics that pertain to the history of gold, the current status of the gold industry and the all-important projections for the future. ABC Refinery ATO combines two of the oldest commodities in silver and gold and combines it with cutting edge technological innovation. From mine to market, ABC Refinery ATO is your partner in precious metals.