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ABC Refinery ATO Takes a Look at the Current State of Gold Investing

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ABC Refinery ATO (Assaying Technical Operations) allows gold to be produced at a rapid rate. The advancements to technology from ABC Refinery ATO has allowed  gold to be created in its purest form.  Gold has seen resurgence lately in the investment world. With current models showing the price of gold is at a six-year high, many investors are worried about when the crash is coming

Gold and silver have almost always been considered safer investments that lacked the upside of the stock market. The biggest drawback of gold and silver metals is that because they are physical metals, they don’t provide any yield. However, yields are currently dropping and metals are growing in attractiveness as investors look for a way to store their wealth.

After all, gold has been used as money since sixth century B.C. No country actively mints gold coins as currency any longer, but the scarcity of the product does more to help the investment than to hurt it. Although jewelry is now the primary use for the metal, investor demand is what drives the price of gold, and fear is what drives investor demand—fear of inflation, war, a government coup or the fear of a global economy in debt.

Investors are seeing yield down because the aggregate value of global negative-yielding government bonds has surpassed $17 trillion. Negative-yielding debt at large numbers include: Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Japans, Italy, Austria and Sweden. With so much clear debt, it’s easy to see why investors are looking to invest safely with commodities like metal and gold.

Because gold and silver are seeing such an increase in interest from investors, ABC Refinery ATO and other companies that mine and produce these metals are increasing in value. Those that are publicly traded see their stock rise as the demand for gold and silver continues to grow. And while investing in a publicly traded company that produces gold may be the best way to maximize return on investment, there is still something to be said for having a percentage of gold investment in every portfolio. Gold and silver continues to be assets that can keep a portfolio afloat in moments of economic downturn. The market is unpredictable, but gold and silver always find a way to shine bright.

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