ABC Refinery ATO Details Security Measures Protecting Facilities

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ABC Refinery ATO

When partnering with a metal refinery like ABC Refinery ATO, some customers may be concerned with the security measures in place to protect their investments and business.  At ABC Refinery ATO, facilities and transport of materials are safeguarded by top notch security methods and devices.  ABC Refinery ATO details various strategies set into place to ensure the safety of materials.

Technology-Forward Surveillance

Thanks to an ever-advancing digital world, ABC Refinery ATO takes advantage of the latest technologically advanced surveillance systems.  CCTV surveillance is set in real time, so there is no delay in responding to events.  Quality is put first, so visuals are clearer and notifications are more sensitive and accessible.  The alarm systems are also advanced, so customers can rest assured that any security breaches will be caught and addressed immediately.  As far as transportation of materials goes, ABC Refinery ATO works with established and highly regarded secure transport organizations.  The employees are trusted, trained and efficient, and the security protocols are followed closely.

24-Hour Protection

Not one second of surveillance is missed with 24-hour protection set into place.  Metals transported into and out of facilities are highly monitored with advanced security systems and experienced personnel.

Tested and Trained

All surveillance and security systems in use at ABC Refinery ATO are continually tested to ensure they are running smoothly and at the highest possible potential.  Well-trusted independent security consultants provide an extra level of security by running checks on all systems.  The consultants hold the security systems to the highest standards held around the world.  Plans are set into place for potential collaboration with emergency services in cases of security breaches.  All ABC Refinery ATO staff are highly trained, both on working with the security system technologies and simulations in the case of emergency situations.  If there were ever an issue with security, the personnel are adequately equipped with the knowledge of best practices and procedures to follow.

Backed by Insurance

ABC Refinery ATO is completely covered by insurance policies set into place by Lloyds of London.  Lloyds of London is a highly accredited and reputable insurance market whose members take great care in the protection of clients.

ABC Refinery ATO customers can feel confident in their workings with the refinery, thanks to the many advanced security measures running nonstop at facilities.

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