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ABC Refinery ATO Discusses Some Different Uses for Gold

ABC Refinery ATO works every day to help their clients get the gold they need. ABC Refinery ATO’s process involves a liquidation process inside a furnace as well as the addition of chemicals which ensure the gold separates from any other elements in the material. Once the gold is cast into bars or other shapes, it can be utilized by a plethora of different industries. When most people think of gold, they think of jewelry. Afterall, two-thirds of the world’s gold usage is utilized in the jewelry industry. Today, though, ABC Refinery ATO thought it would be fun to examine some of the other uses for gold after it leaves the refining process.

One of gold’s biggest booming industries is technology. Electronic manufacturers turn to gold for its highly conductive nature. Of all metals, only copper and silver are more conductive. The other great thing about gold in the world of electronics is that it takes a large extended period of time for it to begin to corrode. ABC Refinery ATO shows that the fact that gold doesn’t corrode easily makes it ideal for things like printed circuits and semiconductors. If you’re reading this on a computer, it’s possible that gold is in the circuit board that powers the computer as well as in the display. While each computer only may have trace amounts of gold, the sheer volume of computer makes this number add up rather quickly.

Because computers are utilized in so many different industries, gold is utilized in them as well. Consider the aerospace industry. Gold is utilized in many different space shuttles. Microelectronics rely on gold to operate properly. Gold has also proven to provide a radiation shield. This is critical to the safety of American astronauts. Gold films are often found in modern windows. The gold in the windows not only helps protect the people in the building from the harm of the sun’s rays, but it can also help isolate the heat inside the building, which provides increased energy efficiency.

Gold is utilized every day in dentist offices across the country. Dentists turn to gold when they need to administer a crown on a patient. Finally, ABC Refinery ATO says recent breakthroughs by scientists have shown that gold particles that are heated by the sun can destroy some volatile organic chemicals. It will be interesting to see what else comes from these findings as we look to use every resource available to fight the impacts of climate change.